Bach’s workshop

Bach’s music is widely regarded as the pinnacle of artistic achievement. But how did the busy organist, violinist, Thomascantor and kapellmeister approach his work and hone his compositions to perfection? Who were his role models, where did he find inspiration, what compositional devices did he use, how did he revise his own work, and what do these aspects of the master’s work mean for our approach to his oeuvre today?
At this year’s Appenzeller Bachtage festival, we will delve into Bach’s compositional workshop, bring his oeuvre to life and explore his reworkings of his own and other composers’ works. A varied programme of concerts, a nature walk with musical interludes and a youth project will explore the potential of Bach’s compositional language, while musical academies and philosophical dialogues will examine aspects of Bach’s creative process and address the much-debated question of cultural appropriation.

Appenzeller Bachtage

Set in the spectacular landscape of the Appenzell hills in Switzerland, the Appenzeller Bachtage has been an integral part of the Bach festival calendar since 2014. The festival is the summer residence of the Choir & Orchestra of the J.S. Bach Foundation, conducted by Rudolf Lutz, and a meeting place for Bach and arts enthusiasts from all over Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

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Chor & Orchester der J. S. Bach-Stiftung

Herzstück der Aufführungstätigkeit

Zum Kantatenkonzert

Atenea Quartet

Bach und kein Ende. Eine Epochenreise

Zum Rezital

Eröffnungskonzert «Ver-Wandlungen»

Ein Eröffnungsabend in vier Stationen

Zum Eröffnungskonzert

Bach, Ostinato, Bass – Ein Jugendprojekt


Zum Jugendkonzert